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Frequently asked questions

Q: What sororities are at UConn?

A: UConn is home to 9 Panhellenic sororities: Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Phi, Delta Zeta, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Alpha Theta, Phi Sigma Rho, and Pi Beta Phi. 8 of these organizations are National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) chapters and Phi Sigma Rho is an associate chapter open only to women in engineering or other STEM fields. Phi Rho participates in Day 1 of recruitment, but following this, interested PNMs will go through a separate recruitment process. 

In addition to Panhellenic, there are also 2 National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) sororities, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., which are historically Black sororities commonly referred to as the “Divine 9” as well as 7 Intercultural Greek Council (IGC) sororities, which are culturally-based and multicultural sororities for underrepresented groups such as, but not limited to, Asian and Latinx students. These include Delta Phi Lambda  Sorority Inc., Delta Phi Omega Sorority Inc., Kappa Phi Gamma Sorority Inc., Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority Inc., Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc., Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority Inc., and Sigma Lambda Upsilon/ Senoritas latinas Unidas Sorority, Inc. In total, this makes 18 sororities at UConn. 

Q: Does everyone get a bid?

A: Although the goal of Panhellenic is to help as many women as possible find a home in sorority, there is no guarantee that each woman going through recruitment will receive a bid. Recruitment is based on mutual selection. The chapters will decide who they would like to invite back while you, as a PNM, will decide which chapters you would like to return to. Much of the media has made recruitment seem like an overly intense process but as long as you follow your heart, go in with full faith, and trust the process, you should find the sorority for you. The best way to maximize your options is to have an open mind and visit every chapter you are invited to each day of recruitment, making sure to do so wholeheartedly!


Q: Will the new member process be in person this year?

A: We are unsure of what the future holds in terms of gatherings with on-campus organizations, which includes all Panhellenic sororities. This will ultimately depend on guidelines provided by UConn as the semester approaches and continues. It is likely that chapters are already working with their headquarters to establish at least some virtual elements for the new member process considering the circumstances. We know that sorority life will look different this semester and possibly moving into the future as well, but remember that this is what sisterhood was made for. 


Q: What do I wear for recruitment?

A: On Days 1 and 2, Potential New Members will be asked to wear a solid-colored shirt of any style they prefer.  The shirt can be any color and style, as long as it is free of any designs, graphics, or words.  On Days 3 and 4, PNMs can wear any outfit they feel comfortable and confident in.  We recommend wearing something you would wear going out to lunch with friends, or a day out on the town.  Please remember to be comfortable and appropriate because these days are very long.  


Q: What do I need to complete before Recruitment weekend?

A: All Potential New Members must complete the Potential New Member 1st Step Orientation and receive a 100% on the quiz before Recruitment Weekend.  Please visit to complete the Orientation.  


If a PNM has a conflict during Day 1 Events on Thursday, September 2nd, they must submit a video introducing themselves to chapters.  Please visit for more details on how to film and submit your PNM Video before September 1st at 6:00PM EST.  


Q: What does it mean to sign the MRBA/ what is the new member process pre-initiation? 

A: A Membership Acceptance Binding Agreement, or MRABA, must be completed by a Potential New Member in order to receive a bid from a chapter after Preference Day.  Rho Gammas and staff members from the Center of Sorority and Fraternity Development assist Potential New Members in reading, understanding, and signing MRABAs.  


The new member period is the time before new members are initiated into their chapters.  It is a very exciting time for new members to learn about their chapter’s history, background, philanthropy, as well as meet all the members.  The new member process includes new member education and activities all the new members participate in together as a member class.  


Q: What is the correct Panhellenic terminology for "rush"?

A:  In the Panhellenic community, the term “Recruitment” and the phrase “Go through Recruitment” is used instead of “rush” and “rushing.”  We also refer to all women who complete the Recruitment process and receive bids, as “New Members” instead of “pledges.”  


Q: What’s a PNM, a Rho Gamma, and RMT?

A: A Potential New Member, or PNM, is a woman registered for Panhellenic Recruitment, who is eligible to receive a bid and join a chapter.  


A Rho Gamma is a disassociated, unbiased Panhellenic member who aids Potential New Members through the Recruitment process. 


The Recruitment Management Team, or RMT, is made up of the Vice President of Recruitment, the Director of Rho Gammas, Director of PNMs, Director of Administration, and Director of Registration.  RMT is in charge of overseeing all of Panhellenic Recruitment.  


Q: If I feel uncomfortable during the Recruitment process, who do I tell?

A: If you ever feel uncomfortable leading up to or during Panhellenic Recruitment, please voice your concerns to your Rho Gamma or any member of the Recruitment Management Team.  We are here to support you throughout the entire process!


Q: Will I be hazed if I am in a sorority?

A: The entire Panhellenic community at UConn participates in Anti-Hazing Trainings and an Anti-Hazing Agreement.  You will not be hazed in any manner when joining a Panhellenic chapter at UConn.  


Q: Do I have to participate in every event and day of Recruitment?

A: All Recruitment days and events are mandatory for Potential New Members to attend in order to complete the process and be eligible to receive a bid.


Q: If I have a conflict during any of the recruitment days (September 1st, 2021 - September 6th, 2021) who should I tell?

A: Please let your Rho Gamma know if you have any conflicts during recruitment weekend.  


Q: Can students enrolled at other UConn campuses, besides Storrs, go through Formal Recruitment? 

A: Any female-identifying UConn student with a Net-ID can register and participate in Formal Recruitment.  

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