potential new member video Instructions

This year, Potential New Members may upload a video to introduce themselves to the chapters in the event they have a conflict during Day 1 Events on Thursday, September 2nd, 2021. In the video, please state your full name, hometown and state. Then, respond to 2-4 of the prompts from the list below.


  • Why did you choose your major/field of study?

  • What made you decide to come to UConn? 

  • What are you most looking forward to as a UConn student?

  • Why do you want to join the Panhellenic community at UConn? 

  • Tell us something about yourself that someone might be surprised to learn.

  • What is something you have always wanted to learn more about?

  • Tell us anything else you think we should know about you.


Our chapters are excited to get to know you better through this video, so do not be afraid to be yourself! The chapters want to see the real you and want to get to know your personality. We recommend that you dress in something that makes you feel comfortable, maybe something similar to what you might wear to a dinner with friends, or a fun day out on the town. Videos are limited to two minutes, maximum. Only submit one video. Once the video is submitted it is final.



  1. Videos should be no longer than 2 minutes.

  2. No props should be used.

  3. Backgrounds should be neutral—this does not mean you have to stand in front of a blank   wall, but it should not be distracting (see background instructions below).

  4. Videos should only feature the PNM.

  5. PNMs should not hire a third party to produce, film, and/or edit the video.

  6. All videos are due by 6:00PM EST on Wednesday, September 1, 2021, but we encourage you to submit them as soon as possible.


Before you drop your file and submit, please title your file as [First Name, Last Name, PNM Number]. You will find your PNM number on Campus Director after you register for Fall Recruitment via https://mycampusdirector2.com/login/.  If you go by or are planning to use your preferred name during Recruitment weekend, please use your preferred name when saving your file name.  Videos should not be over 2GB in size. 

Tips for submission:


  • ORIENTATION​​​​​Orient your phone horizontally, like in the picture below. This will ensure your video displays properly on a viewer’s screen no matter if it is a TV, computer or mobile device

  • STABILIZING VIDEO: There are two good options for keeping your video stable with minimal movement:

    • Having someone else hold the phone for you so you can focus on what you are saying. This allows that person to focus on the video while you focus on your verbal delivery

    • Using a stack of books, a bookend or any other stable item to prop your phone against so it stays steady while you record.

  • AUDIO: For the best audio, record in a quiet setting and stand/sit close to your phone.

    • Try to keep your mouth pointed toward the phone at all times as turning away can significantly lower the volume on the recording.

    • Turn off all radios and televisions in your home while recording. That sound will be audible in the background if they are on during the recording.

  • LIGHTING: Avoid having bright backgrounds behind you.

    • Avoid bright windows behind you and try to face the brightest part of the room. 

  • BACKGROUND: The ideal background is simple. It does not have to be a blank wall, but it should be something that will not take attention away from what you are saying.

Video Upload Instructions:

Once your video is ready to upload, following the instructions above, please follow these directions.


Video Upload Link:

  • The link will look like the pictures below.

  • Before you upload the file or drag and drop your file, you must save the file name to be your [Preferred First Name, Last Name, PNM Number.mov,]. You will find your PNM number in Campus Director after you register for Recruitment via this link

    • Example: Savanna Keefe 1.mov

Click here for the Upload Video Link.










Please email the Vice President of Recruitment, Savanna Keefe, should you have any questions or difficulties uploading your video at ucpanhellenicvprecruitment@gmail.com

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